Drink Tea And Burn Off Weight

There is no doubt that tea is healthy and good for you particularly when drank without milk and sugar, but just how effective is tea at helping you shed weight?

With Green tea, it has just as many health benefits as you would find in Black tea except it functions in a much more effective way as the tea is purer. Tea is thought to halve your chances of being affected by cardiac difficulties as well as helping to fight dental cavities and plaque.

Drinking tea also effectively burns more calories than just taking caffeine like a tablet as your body has to cool down the hot drink after it is consumed which burns a lot more energy (therefore more calories than tea itself contains) You are able to potentially lose weight in this way should you drink enough tea regularly. It is low in fat but very nutritional. It assists strengthen the heart, aids digestion, is a very refreshing drink and works like a pick me up when recovering from fatigue. Tea can also assist prevent Hyperlipidemia (excessive amounts of fat and fatty substances in the blood) and control the ratio of cholesterol and phospholipids (a group of fatty compounds found in living cells)

Tea contains Theophylline, tea Polyphenols, amino acids, minerals and vitamins as well as trace elements including iron, potassium and sodium. Theophylline stimulates the metabolism and has a mild diuretic effect. You are able to feel really full and satisfied drinking tea which reduces the wish to binge on food which will result in weight loss.

There are many various varieties of tea used and enjoyed for various reasons but when it comes to a weight reduction supplement you will find several teas which are highly acknowledged for their weight loss advantages.

Probably the most common tea that individuals associate with weight loss is Green tea. Green tea turns the metabolism up a notch, suppresses appetite and helps to stabilise blood sugar. This means you’ll consume fewer calories than usual but will be burning off extra calories simultaneously which is bound to assist you shift any additional weight. It is suggested for maximum results that you consume 5 cups of Green tea a day.

One of the most appreciated weight loss teas in China is Oolong. It functions along the same way as Green tea however with its higher caffeine content it stimulates the body’s metabolism even more. Oolong tea helps to enhance digestion particularly of fat. Like other Green teas, 5 cups daily are suggested to reap the advantages of Oolong.

Two other blends of tea commonly used for weight loss are herbal and Puerh tea. It is reported than drinking Puerh tea lowers levels of cholesterol. Puerh tea is a variation of black tea that’s an acquired taste simply because of its strong distinctive flavour.

In conclusion, tea is a very useful (and tasty) addition to a weight loss program. Combined with the correct diet and a little exercise, tea can help you to achieve a healthy weight alongside a healthy body.

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