Herbal Product for Premature Ejaculation Cure

Gambir sarawak is best known as a cure for premature ejaculation, but it also has other uses that have long been employed in villages in Malaysia and in the east.

Gambir sarawak is an entirely herbal remedy for several minor complaints and problems, making it easy to get and use, so it enjoys a great deal of popularity. Gambir sarawak enjoys popularity in a number of remedies generally involving the soothing and numbing of pain. In the east, it’s often used to help people deal with pains from toothaches and from gum pain. This was done solely by putting a piece of the bark on the affected area and letting saliva melting it enough to let it sink into the flesh in the mouth. Gambir sarawak has also been used to soothe pain from insect bites or even sinus problems, again just by using the bark or a bit in water and put on the affected area.

Although not scientifically proven to work, most village herbalists and elders have sworn by it as being an first-class alternative to drugs. Historically, gambir sarawak has been used for a couple of things; popular enough to become a valuable trading item and to have a street named after it, this small piece of bark has proven itself to be very versatile in the past. The bark was long used in the handling of leather; it was an important ingredient in the tanning process. Gambir (the bark) was also used to make something of a chew; when paired off with betel nut and wrapped in a leaf with lime, the whole thing was chewed and the juices were swallowed.

Nowadays of course gambir sarawak is best known as an all natural cure for premature ejaculation due to its ability to lengthen and strengthen erections without damaging overall sexual sensation, but it is interesting to know that this little piece of bark has done many good things for the people using it and enjoys a long standing popularity in its home region.

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