Exercise May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

Alzheimer’s is a severe psychological ailment that a lot of of us might face in our lifetime. There are many among us who have family that already suffer from it. Treating the ailment has proved tough and a cure is still a long way off. In spite of this many doctors and scientists have switched their methods of treatment from curing the disorder to preventing it in the first place.
This area of study has shown considerable results, and while not able to stop Alzheimer’s from forming it can slow it down. Exercise is one of the main method of treatment for this disorder. Proper training is important to the wellbeing of the human body but especially to the brain. Now you may be slightly confused as you can’t exercise your brain like you can your arms.
Nevertheless by keeping the rest of your body in decent shape you can ensure that the brain stays fit. This is mainly as a result of ensuring correct blood flow. One more item on the list that can help keep your brain fit is to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels. Making certain you have ample first-class cholesterol in your diet can help to keep the bad in check and prevent strokes. If you are already at your objective weight, or before long will be, then you should begin focusing on your diet to take care of your fitness and health.  Consumption the required amounts of grains, fruits, veggies, and getting a lot of water will help keep your body running well.
Drinking 2 to 4 cups of Green tea a day also helps reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately there is no way to eliminate your risk completely. While continual research is being done on both preventative and curative means there is currently no end in sight. Recent developments in stem cell research have been promising, but face many moral and ethical hurdles from certain countries.
This being said all a person can do is eat healthy, exercise daily, and try to stay as fit as possible. For elderly people it is a good idea to choose an exercise that is not too strenuous but which still provides an good workout. There are many forms of exercise which fit this description but one of the most popular and effective is jumping on a needak rebounder or reboundair. This applies to all people as well, not just those of us that may be over 65. Aside from eating healthy and exercising you can also quit smoking to aid in your health. Research has shown that getting enough sleep every night can also help your body’s resistance to diseases both mental and physical and help you maintain a health metabolism.
Alzheimer’s is one of the worst diseases a family member or friend can be afflicted with. Taking care of a person in such a condition can be overwhelming at times. Remember that these people cannot help the way they act, and that you need to treat them with dignity and respect at all times. After all it might be you in that chair one day.

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