Bigger Boobs And You

Early on I discovered that I was cursed… with small boobs!

I know that lots of women who have small breasts feel cheated out of their rightful portions , not so feminine , and unattractive to men. If I look at this logically , I can reason that this isn’t so . But, my personal perception and experience with having smaller boobs than the average women reinforces the feeling that this is a fact. And I’d need a lot of convincing to make me feel otherwise .

You see, the mainstream media has a lot to answer for. Most TV shows feature big-breasted beautiful women. And the commercials are even worse, they all have attractive women with bigger boobs than me advertising products and services. Think about it – can you pick out just one commercial that featured a small-breasted woman in a positive role?

I told you so 🙁

And magazines do the same thing . The women featured in magazines are skinny and big-boobed . The message is clear – big boobs are normal and if you haven’t got them you’re not feminine .

Studies have shown that 73 percent of women who read fashion magazines feel more sorry and worse about themselves when compared to women who don’t read such magazines. So, what do a lot of women with small boobs do? They resort to cosmetic surgery for bigger breasts !

And that’s why breast augmentation has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women today . But it’s not the answer to the problem – you are just exposing yourself to something far more serious. Let me explain …

If you are considering surgery to get bigger breasts and decide to go ahead, then yes, you will have bigger boobs. But hold on a minute! – you also have the following to consider before going ahead with cosmetic surgery :

  • nearly 30 percent of breast implant patients need corrective surgery within the first ten years of their initial surgery.
  • After implants , you won’t be able to get health insurance coverage for many breast-related illnesses.
  • Some breasts with implants in them feel like rocks due to the skin being so tight to accomodate the implants .
  • The FDA have stated that in less than five years up to 10 percent of saline breast implants deflate.
  • Breast surgery damages nerves and you lose skin sensation – the effects are irreversible.
  • Some side effects can be lethal, which makes a follow-up operation unavoidable .
  • Breast implant surgery is costly . It can easily add up to $5,000+ …and you’ve got to take time off from work to recover .
  • Infrequently, complications from the procedure can be so bad that not only the breasts would be amputated, but the lungs and the heart are affected by it also.

I hope you can see that plastic surgery is not a solution without associated problems . In fact, there are other ways to get bigger boobs that are just as effective – but more importantly, safer. So, before you make your decision, look into all the other options available to get bigger breasts with less risk.

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