Homemade Acne Treatment

We all know what acne is and how painful – both physically and emotionally it is to go through it. The condition has to do with skin oil clogging up in pores to cause protusion. Many spend dollar bills and clams on skin healers and specialist to no help.  This is done in place to find some sort of medication that will heal acne when in some types; merely scratching your face with water daily can help. A direct reason of acne is the lack of vitamin A and E in ones food. So the intake of yields and veges with those vitamins are always an added pizzazz in the battle against acne.

Little do people realize that treatment for this very common skin condition can be found in there very own home. The catch is that you have to know where to look and what to use. Homemade acne treatment is looked down upon by many due to its apparent lack of reliability and scientific verification. But little do they realize that it is something wrong to do. In fact, acne remedies that are made at home are much better than prescribed ones as the latter contain many artificial substances as against the goodness of natural remedies. When perusing an acne product, check the ingredients, many of them contain vitamins and minerals that are also prevalent in several fruits and vegetables.  Thereby homemade acne treatment is not only scientifically but logically verified as well.

You ought to have a pretty good idea on what to use when acne becomes a major issue. Oat meal facial masks are preferable in many cases if the acne attack is not severe.  A honey and apple mixture is also equally effective. If a sudden protrusion of a zit occurs it has been recommended by many that applying a bit of toothpaste before you go to sleep at night kills the bacteria and reduces the oozy swelling. For more severe cases of acne perseverance of the below treatments are advised.

Fruits like lemon and tomato are popular for its acidic components. This helps greatly in killing off harmful bacteria that cause acne. But be mindful not to overdo the remedy as it may turn out bad if treated in excess quantities. Home made acne treatments can damage your face if not used appropriately. Note that certain types of herbal oils such as; jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil and coconut oil are recommended.

A balanced diet and a lot of water to hydrate ones skin is essential for acne treatment. Thereby a moisturizer is recommended as the overuse of a homemade acne treatment when condition is not severe, may cause excessive dryness. There aren t many cons in homemade acne treatment as it is natural though necessary precautions must be taken for better results. So be the judge of your own skin and choose the home made acne treatments that serve you at best.

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