Top 5 Reasons to Go To a Spa

Some of you may ask, why should you go to a spa for some fun and relaxation? There are many other places and things to do, and many of it actually cost less. For one thing, you will be missing out on all the advantages, from health, social, to even just the spa experience itself. If you’ve never tried the spa experience before, you should really check it out yourself to understand what it is all about. Below are Top 5 reasons why you should go to the spa.

1. If you’re looking to stay fit and live healthy, a health spa may just be for you. Health spas are specially designed to provide you with the information and help needed to live a healthy live style. They offer nutritious foods, great exercises, and of course, a nice relaxing spa treatment.

2. Relaxing at a spa is probably an obvious reason to go there, but you can take it even further by going to a resort spa. You can bring the husband and kids along; resort spas have amenities for your whole family! Golfing, and other entertainment options are there, and best of all, the spa treatment there is almost to be sure to be better.

3. Losing weight at a spa may seem weird, but there are weight lost spas around. Long gone are the days where you’re forced to count your calories. Weight loss spas now focus on teaching their clients to eat healthy, and live healthy in the long term. The focus is to take care of your current health.

4. Living in a polluted urban area isn’t very good for your health, and spas offer a great way to detoxify yourself. There are spas that specialize in this area, and you can even get ‘localized’ versions of detox treatments.

5. Some spas even offer hiking as part of their package! You get to hike over gorgeous landscapes, get some exercise, and best of all, end with some relaxing and energizing spa treatment.

In terms of services, although spas and salons may vary in terms of the more higher end services, they all have the same standard services. In a full service spa , you should expect these services: facials, hand and foot care, waxing, eye care, massages, body wraps, spa packages, men’s spa services, makeup applications, reflexology, and permanent makeup services. A full service salon should offer cutting and style for both women and men (women is generally more expensive, in some cases more than double the men’s price), shampoo and blow-dry, and services for children. They should also offer colouring services, including retouching, full head, and high lights. Perm is also another standard service.

Another thing to consider is the sort of products they use. Their salon products should be from the top brands, and from the professional lines of products. Such brands includes ‘Oreal Professional, Redken, Paul Mitchell, AG, Graam Webb, and Sebastian. For foot and hand care (pedicure and manicure), their products should be from a world leader and of highest quality; OPI is a well known brand in the pedicure industry, and Gehwol is known to specialize in foot care products. These brands have a reputation for providing the best experience possible, and it’s always best to stick with what’s well known, especially for you first experience.

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