Japanese Reiki Explained

What Is Japanese Reiki And What Can It Do For You? Are you having problems and heard Japanese Reiki could be the cure to help you?

Japanese Reiki is a form of healing both mentally and physically bringing an individual a true sense of bliss along with a bodily response to the transfer of energy which enables tight muscles, stress, and other non-serious conditions to relax and fade away. For those of you not comfortable with massages for fear of risking that they could end up more injured are perfect for this type of treatment . I This article will explain what Japanese Reiki is and how it can help you.

How does Japanese Reiki work?

Japanese Reiki is a form of healing through the transference of energy from the healer to the patient. The transference of energy is carried out by the patient opening up their body to accept the energy which is stored in the healers Ora. Healing is typically carried out through touch, sound, or touch-less Ora.

The style in which the transference and healing is carried out can vary between different healers, this is because each healer has their own way of focusing their energy the strongest.

What is Japanese Reiki Sound Healing?

This is a technique often used with Reiki although really they are not the same thing . Reiki Sound healing works by using vibrations and sound waves from the voice to vibrate through different layers of the body creating a calm healing sensation. As silly as it may sound the healer will do this by either talking to the place which needs healing or steadily vocalizing a sound in its direction near it.

What conditions can Japanese Reiki help to cure and how?

As we said earlier each healer uses their own techniques to help someone be freed from something which is troubling them which is not severe enough to need to seek out medical attention. You may experience something much different than we describe with your healer but the things we will tell you are the general basics.

Stress – A healer will use their energy and Ora through touch-less healing, and small instances of touch to bring light and bliss into a persons state of being. They will use the energy from their body to instill the needed energy which you get your body to take in to better help you cope with the things which cause you to feel stressed.

Injury’s – Even with Japanese Reiki if you have an injury which is severe enough as to where you would need to seek out medical attention such as broken bones and serious conditions you can expect your healer to suggest you visit a hospital doctor and not a Japanese Reiki healer because they cannot help you with extreme conditions. But when it comes to injuries such as minor sprains, soar muscles, pulled muscles, healers can use techniques to help and cure you. Some healers will use energy and touch, athough some will use sound healing to really get in touch with the aspects of your body which are distressed and help it let the condition go.

Although some of the above points seem a bit far fetched, Japanese Reiki is a healing form in which you need to have faith in your healer and open yourself up to the idea of being healed. Many patients in the past have all claimed the service works well and is much more positive on the physical body and spirit, in comparison to your average run of the mill massage. There are many websites and internet directories which can help you locate a healer near you.  

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