Education For Nurses

Education for nurses can be very demanding.  You need to have disciplined study habits, good problem solving skills and be able to think critically if you are considering being a nurse.  

A nursing career has many paths .  In under a year you could become a Certified Nursing Assitant To be a registered nurse you have to at a minimum an Associate’s Degree .  If you are looking to advance into a management position you should look at getting a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

With these various levels of education for nurses come differing capacities for career advancement.  So prior to making a choice of what degree you want to get, you should consider what you want to do with your career.  

With the more advanced degrees like the Bachelor’s or the Master’s you can more easily move into higher management positions.  But if you just want to get your nursing career started, then perhaps a 2 year associates degree is the right choice for you.

After your required degree and passing the NCLEX Exam, then you will need to consider a specialty .  This will require more education, usually in the form of relatively short certification courses as well as particular experience in this area of specialty.

So as you can see, education for nurses can be found for all levels, interests and even time constraints and costs.  Getting your Associate’s Degree is probably the fastest way to become a nurse. However, if you have a little more time and little more to spend on tuition you can get a more advanced degree that will will you advance your career later down the line.  

If you can only afford a 2 year tuition, but you will want to advance into management later in your career, there are ways to do that too.  First you dont necessarily need a higher degree to advance, it is just easier sometimes.  Plus, some employers will actually pay for part of your advanced education.  So you can become a nurse and then go back to school at your employer’s expense!

There are too many paths of education for nurses to include here. So, look for more articles that describe some of the more popular specialties and what their respective time requirements and costs will be.

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