When Will I Be Ready to Have a Baby?

When Can I Have a Baby ?  If you are waiting until you have the perfect career , a bulging  bank account and a home without a mortgage  you may never have a child.  I don’t mean to say that a little planning is not a good thing, but the truth is that life rarely dishes up perfection and just because our circumstances are somewhat less than optimal is no real reason to deprive ourselves of the joys of motherhood and the fun of decorating a baby nursery

So long as you have the basic necessities in place and feel that you are truly ready to tackle the responsibilities of parenting , I say go for it!  This brings us to ask what the basics may actually be and how to know if we are ready to be parents . 


Some couples  place their focus on the financial aspects of becoming parents only to realize they were worrying for no reason . A good looking stroller and stuff will cost a ton of money, right?  The truth is that if you buy quality used nursery furniture , baby clothes  and equipment or are willing to accept hand me downs from friends, you will be amazed at how inexpensive your baby’s first few years can be.  Certainly a baby  must be fed, clothed and have a crib but a luxurious baby nursery is not a necessity, most definitely not as important as parenting. 


Far more important than fancy designer baby items  are the emotional environment of the family home and the parents’ level of maturity.  Chances are that if you have adequate” maturity to be carefully weighing the pros and cons and asking the important questions, you can learn how to take care of an infant like a pro. 

As far as asking yourself when is the best time to get pregnant ,  before you conceive  it is always a good idea to rate your relationship .  For instance, if you are in a relationship is it a stable one?  Emotional stability is very important in a newborn’s  life and something that each child  deserves.  If your career  is in turmoil , this may not be the best time to get pregnant . 

If something were to happen to your partner or should the relationship breakup , can you handle things on your own?  Nobody plans to be a single mom  but things happen and absent fathers are a dime a dozen. 


Another area worthy of inspection is to ask yourself why you want to get pregnant .  Is it because all of your family members  have babies, because your relationship  is falling apart and you want to lock your husband  in or because you can’t imagine not having a baby of your own to love?   

If your relationship is stable , if you can provide a baby’s needs and your idea of perfection is a house filled with love and children , then by all means, now is the perfect time to get pregnant.



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