Close Guarded Secret on How to Deal with Depression

This article is going to discuss about symptoms of depression.  I am currently under treament for Dysthymia. It is a persistent depression for more than 2 years. I had a difficult moment in which i could no longer control the negativity that was influencing my thoughts. I was at a point where i had to make a choice, either i commit suicide or brave enough to seek professional help.All the while, i rejected everyone who wants to help me. I held back every single person or opportunity. My teachers was making their effort to help me but instead i rejected them. The loss of my best friend and the person whom i really love at that point of time make my life a living hell especially when i have my A level to take care of. Yet i’m able to withstand the great amount of pressure that was piling up. It was until few months back where i had enough. I was on the verge of breaking apart due to constant feeling of despondent and the frequent uncontrollable thoughts that was bothering me. I took the plunge of warding myself at the nearest A&E hospital with the assistance of a former colleague who works there. She registered for me since i was scared.

I was experiencing:
·    constant suicidal thoughts
·    constant sadness
·    loss of interest in everyday activities which i used to enjoy

If you identify these few symptoms of clinical depression in you or your loved ones, better get help as soon as possible. Its better to get an early treatment before its too late. Get asistance from the professional or consult someone whom you can trust. Get closer to god and ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle.

It is important that you know the symptoms of clinical depression before it hits you or your loved ones.

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