Why Suffer From Toothache – Try These Home Remedies

There are plenty of remedies for a toothache out there, but how many of those remedies truly end up being good? You’ve probably tested many toothache remedies only to end up being disappointed when it didn’t work out the way you thought it would. You had to feel very discomfited because you’re in need of fast relief and going to a dentist just wasn’t an option.

Well here I am to offer you some good solutions to your problem. If you’re serious about finding some good remedies that will not only help you to ease some of the pain associated with a toothache, but also get rid of it once and for all then you definitely  want to try out some of the techniques I list below.

Use a Cold Wet Rag:

Using a cold wet rag may seem to be a little bit too unsophisticated, but trust me it’s quite affective if you do it the right way. What you want to do is take a rag and soak it in ice cold water, you then want to wrap the aching tooth around the wet rag and hold it there until you begin to feel relief. You can even try cutting the rags into smaller parts so you can fit the entire rag into your mouth and apply a little bit of force to it until the relief begins to set in. This is a very good technique if you’re seeking immediate toothache pain relief.

You Can Try Using Ice Cream:

Believe it or not ice cream can work to relieve some of the pain you may be experiencing because of a toothache. What you don’t want to do though is not make it a habit of applying too much ice cream, as ice cream does contain sugar and may only serve to worsen the problem, but in the short term eating a little bit of ice cream can bring you the much needed relief you need so you feel better. It’s even better if the ice cream is really hard and frozen, that way you can let it sit on the tooth until the cold properties began to melt into your gums. Just remember to not use this in excess as it may serve to worsen the problem.

Frozen Teabags:

Remedies for your toothache can sometimes come in weird forms, but this technique is definitely effective and shouldn’t be considered weird. All you have to do is apply some frozen teabags to your teeth and let them rest there for a while. It is not just the chilliness of the teabag, but the healing properties that are in the tea itself that serve to help give your gums relief from the pain.

These are just three good remedies for your toothache that can help you see some relief sooner than later. Using frozen teabags as a solution, applying frozen ice cream to the pained area or applying a cold wet rag can all be very effective in giving you the relief you need.

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