Home Tanning Beds: Superior to Salons in Every Way

The reason sun tanning beds are so widely used today is because folks love to have a tan all year long . That’s why so many have purchased tanning beds to be placed in their homes

Do you go to a tanning salon ?  Why not save some money by purchasing your very own sun tanning bed ? 

Perhaps you never thought about a cheap tanning bed.  Well, they actually are cheaper than a tanning spa!

Take the cost of a sun tanning bed for your home . The cost of monthly payments   will not be as great as what you spend at the tanning salon .  Once it pays for itself, it will be even cheaper .

Will you be able to save yourself some time ?  At home you can tan without a lot of preparation time . If you go to a tanning studio , you have to gather up your gear , drag everything to your car , drive across town, etc .  You can save yourself an hour a day, or more, by tanning at home .

A great benefit of home sun tanning beds is because they are guaranteed privacy . There have been many reports of tanners being taped while tanning at salons . It is amazing how frequently this happens even though the majority of tanning salons supervise their employees. 

It’s no wonder many women describe feeling “creepy” when they disrobe at a spa . And many prefer tanning in the nude.

Knowing they have a clean surface is another thought that weighs heavily in favor of tanning units for their home . Many tanning salon patrons find it disgusting to share a tanning surface a gazillion other people have laid on before them.

This may actually explain why stand up tanning bede preferred by some folks . As you can tell from the name , these can be used while you stand . Folks that have these frequently only use them for short sessions . You don’t normally find these in public tanning spas or studios .

The plusses  to standing up include your skin not touching any surfaces, and you can get an even tan over your whole body when your unit comes with a booth. Many tanners love these advantages .

You can no doubt understand why sun tanning beds are a choice made by wise investors who love to stay tanned all year long . 

Are you about ready to look for a great tanning bed sale

The cost of owning a home sun tanning bed is actually much cheaper than regular visits to a tanning salon — and you will have greater privacy and cleanliness.


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