Cosmetic Treatments Used For Dry Skin

The cosmetic treatments used for dry skin face differ from one season to another. Some have compared the change of skincare products with that of wardrobe change. While in summer the focus falls on sun protection, in winter, the intensity of the moisturizer is the element that matters most. Since the low temperatures, the reduced humidity level and the wind deplete the tissues of the natural oils secreted by the skin, it is normal for dry skin face to turn flaky.

A special care tip for dry face skin is the use of lukewarm water for washing and the avoidance of hot showers or baths. Even if you feel the need to get warm on a chilly winter day, don’t spend too much time in hot water. After bathing, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to keep the skin soft and fresh. Gently massage the dry skin face cream and the body lotion in the tissues, after drying it by tapping with a soft towel. Pay attention to the public hand washers, most of them are detergent-based and will dry the hands skin.

Then, dry skin face is not exactly compatible with exfoliation treatments. The problem is that you may come across contradictory materials: some will recommend a weekly exfoliation claiming that the moisturizer works best after the treatment, while others only advise you to use the exfoliating process at least once in a fortnight. We incline to agree with the rarer variant, because dry skin and exfoliation are not exactly 100% compatible.

We should also point out how harmful home air dryness is for skin; furnaces usually eliminate the air moisture leaving almost no humidity at all. What you may not know is that not only dry skin face, but any type of skin requires a 30% humidity level in the atmosphere. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in a humidifier and make the living conditions adequate for a great look.

Dry face skin suffers abuse because of detergent-based soaps; yet there are many poor quality cleansers that are no better than soaps. You should choose a product from a good brand preferably one that indicates the moisturizing feature on the package. Another good alternative here is to use a gentle cleanser with a balanced pH that will not attack the skin. All in all, lots of things could make a difference for your skin look, and the more you know, the healthier you can become.

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