Tablet Pc Accessories – Natural Thin Hair Treatments For Women Who Want Thicker Stronger Hair That Shines

If you are one of the so-called thin hair women, you are not sentenced to a life of thinning hair as today there are some very effective treatments that can help to restore your hair, making it thicker and stronger.

Thinning hair can be caused by a number of different factors with the most common one being an excess of the male hormone DHT, a by-product of testosterone that women have as well.

This can close down your follicles and prevent any further growth without the right treatment and is known as androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness and is estimated to be responsible for over 90% of female loss of hair.

It is also important to know you are not alone with over 50 million women in the US experiencing some kind of hair thinning and it is on the increase.

There is only one FDA approved treatment for female hair loss currently available and that is Minoxidil. This was originally used in tablet pc accessories form to combat high blood pressure but after the side effect of rapid hair growth was observed, it was used in liquid form and applied directly to the scalp.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t actually grow new hair, what it does is essentially prolong the growing phase and allows the hair to grow out thicker and stronger. It also helps to combat DHT and boost the circulation of oxygen rich blood to your scalp.

Some important vitamins, minerals and a herb extract should also form part of the solution for thin hair women to compliment the Minoxidil and put the natural balance back into the hair growth phase.

Horsetail silica is the best herb for women and has been used since the Roman times to cure hair loss and many other conditions, being full of vital nutrients to encourage new healthy growth.

Biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium are the most effective ones to get and help to not only grow and sustain new thicker hair but also improve your overall health and well-being too as many women are deficient in them.

If you look for these ingredients in a hair remedy then you can soon look forward to gradually growing a thicker head of healthier hair naturally.

If you would like to learn more about a cure for hair loss with these natural substances that is excellent for promoting new thicker hair growth, visit my website below today.