Stop Looking So Old- Try Younger Looking Skin Products

Isn’t it funny that growing up we always try to be older but once we pass a certain age threshold we all try to be young again?   Well, you can start turning back the clock with a simple routine and by using younger looking skin products you can enhance your chance to break the spell of aging.  

Properly clean your face.

First you must gently remove all cosmetics .  Use cotton balls or a similar product with some moisturizing make-up remover.  Next, you should take care to use warm water and a soap free cleanser to wash your face .  Hot water will dry out your skin and cold will close your pores, so warm water is the best  .  You must use gentle strokes so as to avoid rubbing hard, which may damage skin cells .  Also, be sure that your hands are clean prior to washing for face so you prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria.

Take about a minute to gently massage the skin on your face before you wipe the residue away .  wash a minimum of three times to be sure to get anything left behind that may clog pores.  Now, pat your face dry and use a toner to reduce the size of the pores .  Many younger looking skin products will have this attribute .

When you are using cleansers, be sure to use only on a damp face, not while it is dry.  Studies show that cleansers can be more damaging and irritating to the skin if the skin is dry during application.

Moisturize .
Your skin’s natural oils are depleted when cleaning, so it is critical to use moisturizer .  By applying a moisturizer, you will replenish the oil that was stripped away.  Be sure to avoid harsh addatives and only use mild products .  Pure vitamin E or aloe oil can be a good moisture treatment too- just apply directly to your skin.  There are a number of younger looking skin products that have vitamin ingredients and powerful moisturizers that will be beneficial to fight against aging.

Be sure to let the moisturizer sink in a few minutes and before you apply any make-up for the day .  You might try to splash some cool water on your face and pat dry just before you apply make-up too.  The cold water will shrink the pores and thus be less likely to get clogged.  However, if you use a younger looking skin product  that helps shrink pores, you can skip this step.

Avoid UV rays.

We all love to feel the sun on our skin, but it is one of the most damaging agents for our skin .  So be sure to use UV protection at all times!  Many products have SPF in them, so there are no excuses here.  Just by applying sunscreen early in life, can save you from looking older too soon .

There are a ton of products out there and with that the cleansing ritual can get a little tedious.  However some younger looking skin products  can cut out many of these steps because they provide the skin protection, moisturizing, and toning effects that we are all looking for.  

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