Ways to Control Cholestrol

To scale back the level of cholesterol is required because its high levels in the bloodstream increase the danger of coronary heart illness. In case the cholesterol level in your bloodstream is atypically high, follow the below discussed rules to reduce it.

Step one : Cut down on your fat and cholesterol consumption
The first and the most elementary step to lower the cholesterol levels in your blood is to control the excessive intake of cholesterol and cholesterol. Use more of monosaturated oils, including olive and canola oils, in your diet instead of butter and oils high in saturated fatty acids.

Discontinue the intake of eggs, polyunsaturated oils, butter, margarine and other types of greasy dressings, as they are  high in cholesterol. In pace of these, increase the intake of whole cereals and fibre rich items, for example fresh vegetables and fruits.

Step 2 : Change your way of life a bit
You should not behave like a couch-potato. Also, give up junk food. Such a lifestyle increases the chances of enhancing cholesterol levels in your bloodstream manifold. You should eat food items with high nutrient and fibre content. Moreover, you need to also exercise regularly. You may either play field games, or do activities like walking, running and cycling. Physical activities increase the body metabolism and help you digest the food quickly.

Step 3: Switch to cholesterol lowering medication if lifestyle changes do not help
If lifestyle changes are not working or if there is an insistent duty to lower LDL cholesterol levels and the level of triglycerides, then don’t hesitate to take medications. Medications for lowering cholesterol can be divided into a few categories based on the intended component of cholesterol- Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or Triglycerides.

If your LDL levels are high, then you would medications such as statin and Vitamin B sometimes called Niacin. However, make sure that you don’t overdose Niacin as it could cause severe side effects. You must only consume a quantity as suggested by your doctor. The same is applicable for other cholesterol lowering medications as well as an overdose of any medicine can have side effects.

Step 4: Increase the Amount of HDL-Cholesterol
HDL also known as the good cholesterol, can help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. An optimum level of HDL is critical for the body. The perfect level of HDL in the body is sixty mg/dL 1.55 mmol/L . HDL level below this level can be risky for your health condition.

If your HDL Cholesterol level has fallen below the above stated level below it is regarded perilous for the help of foods such as monosaturated oils olive oil , foods rich in Vitamin B, and by limited consumption of alcohol. However, do not over-indulge in consuming Vitamin B. This can cause serious side-effects.

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