Smoking Among Teenagers – A Cause Of Alarm

Gone are the days when smoking was just restricted to adults. Nowadays, even children especially teenagers have taken up the habit. In reality, smoking has steadily become a popular habit amidst teenagers.However what is it that galvanizes kids to take up this unhealthy habit. Let us take a look at some of the commonest factors that will prompt your young one to take up smoking.

Peer pressure is considered to be one of the most influential factors in this context. The peer pressure can make your youngster get into the practice of smoking. If you child’s friends are into the practice of smoking ; your child may also get pressurised into taking up the habit. There is a good possibility that your youngster starts smoking if his company of buddies from training classes asks him to do so. With time what started out casually becomes an obsession.

Many youths also take up smoking to garner social approval. This is more so with kids who deal with incompetency complicated. Such children believe that taking up smoking will make them more well-liked by their classmates and other children. If you are feeling that your youngster suffers from low confidence, then attempt to boost his morale lest he shall fall victim to the habit at some point soon.

Family environment is another enormous factor for your kid taking up smoking. If both pa and mum are smoking then there is a high chance that the child might also start smoking early. With smokers around them, it is very natural for children to get lured and pick up the habit. To avoid such a situation; it is advisable to elders to not smoke at all in front of their kids.

Celeb acclamation is another of primary factors why youngsters take up smoking. There are numerous children who take up smoking simply because they’re impressed from their favorite celebs who do the same on screen. They feel that smoking will make them look as cool as their favorite stars. To prevent this, you have to make your child understand the difference between reel and real life.

The parable that smoking is the ‘in thing’ is another excuse kids take up smoking. Teens would like to be at the center-stage of attention and they believe smoking will help them get there. The results are that they start it for kicks but gradually become addicted to smoking.

These are only some reasons why your kid may take up smoking. But, you can avoid the majority of these causes by educating him about the ill effects of smoking. You want to tell your kid that smoking is not good smoking. You wish to avoid these causes and you’ll be ready to keep your youngster off this unhealthy habit.

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