Tinnitus Masker – What Is It, And What Do You Use It For?

The term tinnitus is used for the medical problem where the patient keeps hearing a ringing or a buzzing sound in his ears when truly there is no such sound being created around him. This situation can be caused on account of a wide variety of factors ranging from ear infections and allergies, accumulation of too much ear wax or presence of some foreign object in the ear to a side effect of some sorts of hearing, or even a noise induced hearing loss, which occurs as a result of constant exposure to high amount of noise.

One of the ways in which this ailment could be relatively cured is by making the use of a tinnitus masker. These tinnitus maskers work on the principle of inducing a a lot more pleasant likable sound, which wipes out or masks the ringing sound in their head. Historically, these kinds of products were devised for the first time by Dr. Jack Vernon in 1970s.

With arrival of technology, not just have the products become smaller and smaller, but they have also arrive up with numerous other alternatives which can suit the users. The latest devices come which has a assortment of sounds like sound of waves, rainfall and other synthetic sounds which can minimize the impact of the disorder. You will discover even selections of tinnitus masking pillows which might be utilized by the patients whilst sleeping without disturbing the persons close to. For your persons that will need masking at all times, a variety of earphones and hearing aids are obtainable in market that may replace the ringing which has a soothing white sound.

The ringing or the buzzing because of the tinnitus not just adversely impacts the patient’s brain, but it also makes them additional irritable. Working on the concept of habituating the brain with the white noise as compared to the ringing, the tinnitus maskers aid eliminate most of the ringing and buzzing.

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