Fish Oil Supplements

There is no doubt that fish and fish oil are very healthy to eat. Your grandmother probably told you that eating fish will make you smart. People used to give children cod liver oil or another type of fish oil supplement daily. Well, she was on to something. Fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are very healthy to eat, and are one of the most valuable supplements you can take.

Fish oil that is rich in Omega 3 has many positive benefits. Health professionals recommend eatng foods high in Omega 3 as being essential to good health.

Omega 3’s are especially good for brain function, and mental and heart health as well . Taking fish oil supplements has been proven to reduce the risk of depressions, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and numerous other mental health disorders. A sufficient amount of these essential oils help to balance triglycerides in the blood that can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol and even heart disease.

Wild Salmon oil is a very good source of Omega 3, and the DHA and EPA levels are very good in it as well. Hoki is yet another fish that is a very good choice, as are tuna, mackerel and sardines. For the most part, cold water fish are the best option.

You may be wondering why you should take fish oil supplements rather than just eating a lot of fish. One reason is that you would need to eat a large amount of these fatty fishes to get enough Omega 3 to be beneficial. This would cost a lot of money when compared to the cost of supplements.

The other concern is that most fish today contain miniscule amounts of contaminants and pollutants. Eating a lot of fish could even put you at risk of contamination. Fish oil capsules, pills and liquid fish oil are purified so they don’t contain any harmful contamination.

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