Plastic Surgery And More At Med Spas

Med spas is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa.  They offer plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments. The medical spa is operating under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.  The med spa is clinically driven compared to a day spa.  They offer typical day spa treatments along with more clinical treatments requiring trained professionals in aesthetics.  The med spa menu will offer laser hair removal, dermabrasion, photofacials, chemical peels, fillers or injectables like Botox and some natural wellness care.  Acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and naturopathic doctor consultations are available as well.

Besides plastic surgery treatments, the med spa will have your day spa treatments like thai massage, hot stone massage, body wraps, salt scrubs, and facials.  An esthetician will be on staff to recommend appropriate facial care for your skin.  Medically driven treatments will be provided by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, licensed esthetician or laser technician.  They will perform consultations before starting any medical spa treatments.  A combination of treatments may be recommended to provide the best results for your skin. Consecutive treatments may be required to complete your desired results if determined by the med spa professional.

The med spa services are designed to treat, resolve, and reduce symptoms from those diagnosed by your primary medical doctor.  Offering massage techniques prior to a medical treatment will assist in the recovery or healing process.  Med spas are some encompassing because they offer so many different services in one location with trained professionals.  You will receive the pampering you need to relax, but also receive desired results in skin texture, a better complexion, youthful appearance, and overall feeling of well being.

In addition to standard cosmetic procedures, alternative therapies are a great addition to the med spa services because they can treat the mental as well as the physical.  Nutritional counseling can assist you in maintaining healthier looking body and skin, so you can feel good about your image.  Accupuncture works on the body’s energy and improves circulation.  A naturopathic doctor on staff can consult with you regarding certain deficiencies missing from diet or test which must be run to determine hormonal concerns.  The list goes on to the variety of services which can be available to you at the med spa to improve your overall appearance physically, emotionally, and psychologically.