Enjoying The Many Fitness Stepper Benefits

Fitness stepper benefits are very impressive for those who consistently use them. But, it does not require a scientific study using double blind protocols to tell you that merely owning one, or being a member of a gym that owns some, is not what gives you the benefits. You have to use it, consistently, through the passage of time, to get awesome, guaranteed results.

A fitness stepper is often called a stair stepper. It is a machine that is made for exercising. It mimics, to some degree, the effects of climbing stairs. Have you ever climbed a lot of flights of stairs, without stopping between the floors? If so, you have a basic idea of the many potential benefits of a fitness stair stepper.

Running up, even a single flight of stairs, will usually increase your heat rate and your breathing rate, which is the very beginning of a cardiovascular workout (for your lungs and heart.) Exercising your heart and lungs is good for you, obviously. But, it also burns off excess fat that is stored on your body. However, a few flights of stairs will not do the job. You need at least thirty minutes at a time.

The biggest problem with cardiovascular workouts is the high impact they place upon your ligaments, joints, muscles and bones. Running gives you an incredible heart & lungs workout, but at the price of a huge and painful list of common injuries. A fitness stepper gives you the great cardio workout with a low impact movement that eliminates most of the injury risk that runners have.

The list of muscles that are affected by a fitness stepper workout is impressive, to put it mildly. They include the two hip flexors, that are attached to the femur bone; and the three gluteal muscles, more commonly referred to as, the buttocks.

Other stepper muscle targets include; the two muscles of the calves, the four muscles known as the quadraceps, (at the front of the thigh, starting above the knee), and the three muscles, known as the hamstrings, on the underside of the thigh.

So how many calories can a stepper help you burn? If your stepper is set at the most vigorous setting, you could get fitness stepper benefits burning as many as 107 calories per twenty five pounds of body weight, per hour session. A 200 pound guy could work off about 856 calories in an hour, and a 100 pound gal would burn 428 calories.

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