What Is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki practice is unique as it takes into account elements of nearly every other varied healing practice like spiritual healing, aromatherapy, auras, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. It is a Japanese art form that makes use of energy in curing patients.

Power of energy is made use of in Reiki therapy and there is no use of either medicines or tools to cure diseases with this therapy. There is direct energy provided by the practitioner towards the body through the hands and power of meditation. You can simply go to a Reiki practitioner if you wish to get cured through this therapy and allow him to carry out sessions of therapy on you.

In Reiki therapy transfer of energy takes place from the practitioner to the patient. Proper visualization of Reiki symbols is done at the time of the therapy through which energy is summoned. These symbols simply represent energy; they are not the major basis of the healing power itself. Energy governs our body which can either be free flowing or are stuck in some points. Main foundation of Reiki is the ultimate life energy source, known as the Universal Life Energy. The concept behind Reiki therapy is to manage that huge energy and use it to cure, get better, and balance self and others.

One’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being is improved with Reiki. Deep relaxation is achieved with Reiki therapy and it helps to provide relief to a person from all his sufferings. A person who receives Reiki is known to restore energy balance. When one reaches this point, the body’s processes of natural healing begin.

Seven layers of energy field called as Aura are around our body. Inner aura which is the innermost layer has the seven main chakras located. It is the endocrine gland that each chakra is linked to and is centre of energy. Each chakra rules the functioning of endocrine glands and its associated organs.

It is not the practitioner’s energy that is used here; it is the cosmic energy which flows through the hands and cures. When a person suffers from any disease, it leads to malfunctioning of the chakras and this leads to imbalance in performance of the organs associated with it and the endocrine gland. The person who performs Reiki beams the universal energy into chakra after he scans the same with his hand. The energy which is healed enters the chakras which help restoration of the lost balance, thus curing the organ affected.

Reiki helps to remove root cause of a disease and in many cases Reiki has proved effectual in curing the disease. Diseases like hepatitis, migraine, blood pressure, back pain, spondylitis, cold, asthma, cervical diabetes allergy, sinusitis, seroderma, piles, arthritis, menstrual problem, gastric ulcer have all been known to be healed. Reiki is also known to provide relief from pain. Distantly located patients have also been healed with Reiki therapy.

Among the many Reiki benefits included are relief from stress, purification of the body, removal of blocks to the flow of energy, healing of the mind and body, relaxation of the body and enhancement of the body’s healing power, aura and chakras.

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