Cures For Snoring – How I Cured My Partners Snoring

Before you can image any cures for snoring you have to look at some of the underlying causes first.We recommend attaining an Anti Snoring Pillow as a first step, but it may not be the right long term solution for you. The main reason for this is that each cause may require a different solution.

If you are married to someone who snores, then you know how annoying it is be when the snoring starts, it just seems to get louder and louder.You prod him, you ask him to move his position and it helps for an hour or two and then it gets started again! This is why we recommend using an Anti Snoring Pillow.

A visit to our doctor and a little medication, and I was able to sleep again! In reality our doctor believes that we were very favorable to find a cure so wellspring. The solution for snoring which entails taking medication just has a 25% success rate – and, only 3 months after it was gone, the snoring made a return, and was worse than before.

Why is there such little success with medication?

It appears as though people are more content trying medication whether it be prescribed or over the counter since it’s easier to deal with. It’s convenient and snorers and/or their partners feel that it’s going to be the solution they need, and guess what – after a short while, the problem returns. The reason why this typically doesn’t work is because the medication doesn’t take care of the main cause of the problem.

Problems in a typical lifestyle.

Snoring like most health-related concerns normally has a lifestyle factor attached that is a main contributing factor. So, rather than just targeting the symptoms, you should look at your lifestyle and determine what the real cause of the problem might be.

For example, if you are 5’8″ and you weigh more than 250 pounds there is a good possibility that your weight is a major factor. This also goes for those who are smokers. These are factors because the main cause of snoring is an obstacle of the palette and/or nasal passages when the muscles rest when you fall asleep. If you are overweight then these passages clog up the airways producing the snoring sound. In this case, dropping your weight would help alleviate your snoring problem. This is the only long term solution that will work.

You should also consider environmental factors. If you’re breathing bad quality air throughout the day, there’s a good chance that it’s contributing to your snoring.

Actually, air conditioning can be a chief culprit as it dries out the sinus and the throat passages which emphasises the snoring which can be quite easily alleviated.


A lot of people nowadays are also sustenance with allergies and a lot of these allergies can cause serious problems especially to the sinus. So look at the possibility of allergy triggers existing in the bedroom like pet hair, or even some pillows. By eliminating some of these potential causes of allergies, one of the key causes in producing a snoring problem might be decreased or abolished.


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