Stress Headache And Your Daily Life

The medical community has set out a well defined categorization of headaches.  The first category, that of the primary headache, is experienced on a daily basis by millions all the time.  The primary headache occurs more frequently than any other kind of headache.  The cluster headache category is defined as a far more painful variety of headache that occurs to a much smaller segment of the population.  Cluster headaches earn their name from the random grouping of attacks that they present with.  Patients can go pain free for years before suddenly suffering a rash of attacks.  Secondary headaches are classified as symptoms of a deeper neurological issue, such as internal bleeding, tumor growth, or chemical imbalance in the brain.  Cluster headaches and secondary headaches are far rarer than primary headaches.

The common stress headache falls into the primary category.  Although not life threatening, the stress headache can become an impediment to the enjoyment of daily life.  In some cases, the common stress headache can become quite uncomfortable.  It is important that these cases be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid serious discomfort.  The first step in treatment is knowing the source of the issue.  Stress headache is believed to actually result from a contraction of the muscles surrounding the skull.  The added pressure from this contraction introduces a painful and uncomfortable sensation.  The problem does not occur in the brain, but in the muscles around the skull.

The tightening of the muscles around the skull can usually be identified as a band like feeling just above the eyes.  This is the first sign of stress headache, and should be when sufferers take preventive measures.  To actually prevent stress headache more effectively, the root problem should be investigated.  If stress headache occurs on a fairly regular basis, it can be assumed that daily emotional or physical stress is to blame.  Stress management can be a big part of reducing stress headache.  Attempt to change the circumstances that trigger stress headache, or manage them more effectively, and stress headache may be reduced.  If pain persists in a chronic fashion, be sure to visit a physician.

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