Tips For Effective Natural Insomnia Cures

If you suffer from sleeping disorders chances are you’ll be given a prescription for sleeping  pills. There are however a lot of side effects with sleeping pills, so you’d be better off in the long run treating yourself using natural insomnia cures.

Our trust in sleeping pills is symptomatic of the way we automatically look for the “quick fix”. Whilst there are good reasons to use pharmaceutical drugs at times, sleep and sleeping difficulties are not best treated that way.

Most people need between six and eight hours per night, on average, and numerous studies  have shown that sleeping less at times is not detrimental . The main reason  many of us struggle the day after a nights bad sleep is paradoxically because we think about it too much !

Try to look at your disrupted sleep in a philosophical way – the odd night with bad sleep is not a big deal . Unless your insomnia is frequent and actually disrupts your life, try to to regard episodes of less than perfect sleep as a gift of extra hours!

Having said that we all know the feeling that “I really want to go to sleep tonight!” If it occurs now and then consider natural insomnia cures before reaching for sleeping pills – your body will thank you !

An age old method of falling asleep is to take a warm bath, and adding some drops of essential oils will increase its effectiveness .

Here are some useful oils you can try – singly or in combination. Everyone is unique, so you might find that combining two or more does the trick for you.

#    Lavender (Lavandula  Angustifolia). It has a pleasing, calming smell, and has been used for centuries.

#    Sandalwood (Santalum Album). Has a velvety fragrance and Edit this text men than the other oils mentioned here. It is often used in balms and body lotions aimed at men.

#    Sweet Marjoram (Origanum Majorana). This herb gives you a relaxed, warm feeling and will leave you feeling quite drowsy. Do not mistake it for “Spanish Marjoram”, which has different properties and is a member of the thyme family .

#    Neroli (Citrus Aurantium). A member of the citrus family, it has a distinctive fragrance and is often said to be particularly effective against insomnia and sleep difficulties.

When you use essential oils know they are very strong ! Check they are not diluted and blended with other ingredients (check the latin description !)and use only 6-8 drops. Use less for children and older people, especially if they are not well

Used correctly essential oils will not have any side effects but rather enhance the beneficial effect of a warm bath.

Finally – if you wonder why this works it is paradoxically because the body needs to cool down slightly before you can sleep . When you are in a bath you will naturally warm up , but once you get up the body over compensates, and that’s why you cool down. Looking for natural insomnia cures make sure you consider these simple methods !

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