Understanding The Signs Of Infertility

Infertility has become a widespread problem for women. Symptoms in general are not always noticeable, they are don’t appear as apparent health issues unless someone somehow becomes aware of it. Infertility varies and has several types with different signs and symptoms among women, and it can also affect her partner.

For women who have failed several times in becoming pregnant, it is strongly advised to make an appointment with their doctors as soon as possible. A more acceptable case would be having unprotected intercourse for up to two years averaging to two or three times a week. In this case, seeing with the couple’s OBGYN is required to seek possible solutions for their problem with fertility. After being diagnosed with the problem, the couple is then referred to a specialist to find more specific medical solutions.

Having an irregular menstrual cycle is the most common sign of infertility. An Irregular menstrual cycle doesn’t mean that a woman is infertile, it can be a sign of an other possible health problem. A woman’s overall health status can be a directly related to a sign of infertility. Being too thin can also lead to lack of the needed nutrients which can make the problem even worse. In the case of obesity, hormonal problems are a common cause that has a great potential in directly affecting a woman’s reproductive health. Unhealthy lifestyle practices like alcohol and substance abuse also cause infertility. A woman’s ability to conceive can be worsen by these factors. Basically, the overall capability of the body to work normally is greatly affected with the woman’s abuse of drugs and other substances. These women are more susceptible to having infertility problems.

Aside from women, infertility can also affect men. It can in fact have some physical symptoms in men. Having undescended testicles is the most common sign of infertility for men. In some cases, outside factors also play a vital role in developing infertility among men. Wearing skin tight clothing especially underwear can be a reason why a man can’t produce potential sperm. A worse factor involves the scrotum or gonad’s exposure to heat causing infertility.

Couples in general tend to share the same signs of health problems. The abuse of certain substances as well as health factors can affect both the man and woman’s reproductive capabilities. These factors can directly affect a man’s ability to produce the potent sperm needed for reproduction.

The first step is to absolutely make sure that infertility truly is the couple problem and the best way to take care of this issue is to take all the necessary steps during intercourse while the woman is ovulating. This is simply done as the woman is capable of determining her basal body temperature or through the aid of an ovulation kit. Not having intercourse at the right time of the month can be a direct cause for infertility.

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