How To Last Longer In Bed By Chaging The Way You Masturbate

If you’re someone who’s looking to overcome premature ejaculation, then my bet is that you’ll be prepared to examine all possible avenues of treatment. One such avenue that should not be ignored is that of masturbation, as changing the way you masturbate can act to completely rewire your ejaculatory reflex. In this article I’ll discuss the key things that need to be considered when using masturbation as a means of preventing premature ejaculation.

Tip 1 – Always Masturbate With A Lubricant

What you’re looking to do when using masturbation as a technique to help overcome PE is to make what you’re experiencing as close as possible to the act of normal sex. Masturbating without a lubricant (i.e. with a dry hand) will actually increase your penile sensitivity rather than decrease it – so when it actually comes to the point of getting down and dirty with a woman, you’ll find that your penis won’t be able to adjust to the warm and moist environment. Masturbating with a lubricant will allow you to more accurately replicate the experience of having intercourse with a woman and get a better handle on where your point of no return is.

Tip 2 – Don’t Rush Masturbation

Men are naturally hardwired to get themselves to the point of ejaculation quickly whilst masturbating. But when it comes to using masturbation as a means of boosting sexual longevity then you really do have to take the opposite approach. SLOW is the word and SLOW is the way. If you’re normally someone who rubs it out in less than a minute then some adjustments will need to be made. But here’s the key: stop all stimulation as soon as you feel close to climax.

In the context of boosting your sexual stamina , masturbation needs to be viewed as a training process. Rushing it is the worst thing you can do. Aim to progressively stretch the session  out to 15 to 20 minutes in order to reap real benefits from this technique.

Tip 3 – Don’t Get Distracted

The right time to train yourself to last longer is when you are relaxed, and not likely to be distracted. If you are in a hurry, then simply don’t do it . Pick another time .

Tip 4 – Avoid Getting Too Excited

Edit this text men use this technique in the wrong way . You’ll find that they will watch pornography until they start getting aroused and it is at this point that they start stimulating themselves. This is the wrong way to go about it. You should be looking to build your arousal from the very start as it is only by doing this that you will understand when and how to control your arousal, which is the key component in helping you have longer lasting sex without ejaculating too early.

When used correctly, masturbation can be a very effective aid in helping you increase your sexual endurance. By keeping these 4 tips in mind, you will be well on your way to permanently preventing premature ejaculation.

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