What You Should Know About Baldness Problems

Close to 80% of  all women and men experience baldness at some stage in their lives. In women, baldness often presents as a gradual thinning of hair as time passes. In men, hair will begin to thin at the hairline and eventually a bald spot will form on the crown.

Factors behind Baldness

Different factors can produce baldness. Included in this are:

–         Hormonal changes in the body. DHT is particularly notorious for causing hair loss.

–         Poor diet is a major cause of thinning of hair and baldness.

–         Pregnancy; most women experience hair loss during pregnancy but recover it soon following childbirth.

–         Poor hair care. Being alive, hair requires proper nourishing and care to be in top health. Neglected hair is likely to break, thin out and eventually shed.

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Natural Remedies for Baldness

When one experiences baldness, they’re desperate for an easy remedy to restore their hair to its former condition. It is easy to fall for the countless wonder products being market as treatment solutions for balding. However, it’s worth noting that restoration of lost hair is not an easy and most of these products do not work. It is safer to choose natural options, which if followed, give positive results with time.

1.      Massaging the scalp on a regular basis will stimulate the flow of blood through the head. This will keep the skin in constant supply of oxygen and nutrients and stimulate growth of hair.

2.      Use an aromatherapy approach. Apply different essential oils on the scalp and massage it to rejuvenate cell activity inside the skin. This will enhance formation of healthier hair follicles. Lavender and jojoba oils are wonderful choices for aromatherapy.

3.      Use Natural aloe-vera. It provides a balanced Ph and supplies the cells with vital nourishment required for healthy growth of hair.

Alternative solutions

In addition to natural remedies, herbal extracts such as Nettle Root, Horse Tail and Saw palmetto extract work well in restoring hair. Choose products that are rich in magnesium, biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and those that contain DHT inhibitors. These minerals enhance and sustain growth of new hair.

Another popular product is Minoxidil. It’s a safe topical solution sold over the counter and is placed on the scalp two times a day. It boosts circulation and could increase blood supply for the hair follicles. Its effects are manifest after 2 months of consistent use.

 Finasteride, an oral tablet taken once daily is another option. A powerful drug, it’s only bought on the recommendation of a GP. Results are evident after 3 to 6 months.

Medical Treatment

So far, there isn’t a clinical diagnosis aside from surgical hair surgery. It is a low risk procedure that involves grafting. Doctors remove micro-grafts of the patient’s hair-bearing skin (usually from the back of the head) and transplant them into tiny holes made in the bald scalp. It may take several sessions to have the head full of hair. Even though the doctors will do their best to fill your head with hair, it is not realistic to anticipate the results to be like what you had prior to the baldness.

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