Gratify Your Sweet Tooth The Healthy Way

Most of us with a sweet tooth tend to stay off from desserts due to the calories associated with them. Nevertheless, there are means in which one may gratify their sweet tooth without luxuriating in unhealthy bites. Here, we take a look at a few of the healthiest desserts that can meet your longings for sweet without adding on pounds.

First and foremost, healthy dessert that can simply gratify your sweet tooth is baked apples. Majority of the desserts that make use of apple are commonly recognized to be endowed with calories. This is as almost all of such desserts such as candied apples, apple pies make use of sugar in abundance. However, baked apples don’t pose any such problem. It is very tasty and luxurious dessert that offers real flavor of fruit without any overdose of the dreaded calories. Should you still prefer to contribute flavor to its taste, you may sprinkle some cinnamon, honey and raisins on it.

Fruit salad is still an additional dessert that may help you gratify your sweet tooth in a healthy method. This pudding rates high on the nutritive value. Nevertheless, most folks offset the nutrition quotient of fruit salads by using unhealthy dressings like fruit syrups, sugar and full fat dairy products. Nevertheless, you may augment the flavor of your fruit salad without using any of these unhealthy add-ons. One of the plainest things you may do to make your fruit salad delicious is to use fruits in as many colors as possible. Adding nuts and flaxseed may additionally offer a crunchy flavor to the salads. You can additionally consider using orange juice blended with lemon juice for the dressing.

Yet an additional delectable dish to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings is strawberries dipped in chocolate. The very mention of this delicacy may readily leave you feeling sensuous. Quite contrary to the well-known belief chocolates aren’t unhealthy for the body. In reality it’s perfect in improving the efficacy of the immune system. It is a rich source of riboflavin which in turn is high on antioxidants content that is very good for health. Nevertheless, try not to go overboard with the amount of chocolate that you use. This will go a at length in making the dessert healthy for you.

Go in for crispy rice treats to healthily please your sweet tooth. In case you prefer to enhance the nutritional worth of this delicious treat, swap to better elements. Do away the typical white rice and rather go with brown rice. It makes for a healthy option considering the high fiber content of brown rice. Additionally you could as well exchange marshmallows with brown rice syrup and usual butter with healthy peanut butter.

So, prevent feeling guilty about having a sweet tooth. Just dig in to one of the aforementioned desserts and you’re surely going to make your flavor buds content without altering your health in any way.

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