Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

Natural Cure For Yeast Infection
Are you looking for a natural cure for yeast infection. There are plenty out there and this article is here to help you find the best ones to treat your thrush quickly and effectively.
There are options on how to treat it and you can do this internally or orally. So lets look at some natural treatments available that way you can decide. The use of Tea Tree Oil for its antifungal and antibacterial advantages has always been recognized. To treat thrush putting a couple of drops onto a tampon and inserting it has shown good results. You’ll need to do this twice a day and should see improvement in as little as two days.
Then you could try the use of garlic. To do this you will need to make up a paste of garlic pods too apply to the skin around the vagina. You may feel a burning sensation, but it is effective. You could also cut up some garlic pods, finely. Wrap them in a cheesecloth and put it into the vagina for 20 minutes. Ensure that you leave part of the cloth hanging out for easy removal.
Yoghurt is an excellent natural antibiotic and can help with many things. Thrush is just one of those. Just dip a tampon into natural yoghurt and put it inside the vagina before retiring for the night. Be sure to eat plenty as well. It is very good for the body’s natural good bacteria to work and is highly recommended.
A messy, but very effective home remedy is honey. Take half a cup of honey with you into the bathroom. Sit on the toilet and apply it liberally to the affected area. Stay like this for 20 minutes then have a warm bath. Dry the vagina thoroughly. This needs to be done in the morning and before bed. It will make you feel much better.
Apple cider vinegar is an excellent thrush treatment. Run a warm bath and add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it. Have a bath for 20 minutes and then get out making sure you dry yourself thoroughly.
There are also some precautions you can take to help in the prevention of thrush. Try not to wear tight fitting or synthetic materials. Do not wear tights or leotards on a daily basis. Change from wet to dry clothes immediately ensuring you are completely dry before putting the dry clothes on. Do not use perfumes, sprays, scented tampons or sanitary towels. When you go to toilet always wipe from front to back, never back to front. Dry yourself properly before dressing and changing from wet to dry clothes. Do not use scented tampons or sanitary towels.
So, find a good natural cure for yeast infection. Keep yourself well and clean, following the above advice and you should not suffer from thrush too often. And if you do you’ll have a cure on hand that you can use anytime you need to.

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