Dental Plans

Everything you need to know about Dental Plans:

Many discount dental plans are geared for individuals, families and groups who wish to save money on their dentist visits.

In a Dental Plan, participating dental care providers agree to accept a discounted fee from plan members as payment-in-full for procedures performed. As a Dental plan member, you simply show your Dental Plan card when visiting any participating plan provider to receive most dental services at discounted fees. 

A primary Dental Plan providers agree to participate in this is that by participating in a Dental Plan program they receive free “advertising” to potential customers they would have normally had to pay to get through traditional advertising venues, had they not been listed in a Dental Plans directory.

It costs a Dentist several hundreds of dollars for each new client they acquire through traditional advertising methods, so by participating as a Dental Plan provider, they received the value of a steady flow of “free” clients for their practice.

It’s important to note that Discount Dental Plans are  NOT Insurance plans, rather they are programs with predefined discounted services for their members.  In this way, customers avoid the traditional deductibles and approval processes they must endure with normal insurance.

By joining a discount dental plan, you will be able to save on dental costs while protecting and preserving your family’s smile and overall health with one of our popular family plans.
Some advantages of discount dental plans may include:

• Savings of up 10% to 60% on most dental procedures
• The flexibility of being to choose from many national and regional plans with thousands of participating dentist listings in combined networks
• With you can join online instantly and enjoy quick plan activation (often with 1 business day).
• Easy-to-use search tools and plan comparison charts
• Qualified Customer Service Representatives to help you
• No unnecessary paperwork hassles
• Discounts on dental procedures available with many plans
• No health restrictions

The above benefits are just a few of the ways we save money on quality dental care while supporting your local Dentist.
Start Saving with Your Discount Dental Plan
Once you’ve joined a discount dental plan that’s right for you, you can start saving on many quality dental care services.  Most plans activate within three business days, so you can start using the plan with your next Dentist visit.

When you arrive at your participating Dentist’s office for you visit, please be sure to mention the discount dental plan listed on your membership card when contacting the participating provider.   I often also confirm this over the phone with the office receptionist while I am booking my visit to avoid any difficulties or misunderstandings prior to arrival. 
Payment for Dental services performed is due at the time of service, and there are no paperwork hassles to worry about. Saving money on your smile just got easy!

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