Leave Your Competitors Behind By SEO Software

There are various methods to compare your performance with your competitors online. Various elements can be checked out like design, content, technologies, etc. When it comes to the functionality and result-orientation methods, SEO softwares can play a leading role. This article explains what an SEO software can do for you to get an edge over your competitors.

Link Analysis Is the Key

Among various tactics you can use to find out how your competitor is doing on the web, analyzing its links are one of the most significant methods. But, what I mean by link analysis is to discover:

O Where your competitors’ links are coming from

O What technologies are used in the links obtained

O What the quality of their incoming links are

O What alt tags are used in their image links

O What keyphrases are used in the anchor text of the link

O When those links are obtained

When you know what it means to have powerful backlinks to your site, you proceed to build value links to your site so that you can surpass your competitors. 75% of the reason for your competitors’ success on the search engines is because of the links. Here you will see how important it is to take link analysis seriously.

Various Strategies to Surpass Competitors

When you see where your competitors get their links from, you may be able to get links from the same sites. Another solution will be to identify the category of such sites and find the authority entities at that category. You can find a more relevant one to get links form.

Care should be taken to use html for the links you obtain from other site. Javascript, flash, and a lot of other technologies may make your links look more beautiful, but from performance point of view, it won’t be any thing effective in your search engine rankings. So, keep away from anything rather than text links or image links plus keyword-rich alt tags.

It must be considered to obtain links from high ranking authority sites that are relevant to your site’s content. This will boost your site’s ranking dramatically. Using an SEO software, you can pinpoint every single site that links to your competitors. Then, upon your discovery, strategies can be defined and solutions can be described.

Get a Quality SEO Software

Search engine optimization has got several different channels. Some refer to the on-page improvement tips and tactics as SEO measures and some use a range of other media to increase the link popularity of a site like article marketing, press release marketing, social media, etc.

As a whole, you first need to make sure that your site is a search engine friendly one. Then, you proceed to build backlinks to certain landing pages at your site that are optimized for particular keywords. A combination of such measure on a regular and consistent manner can help you get an edge over your competitors.