The Shocking Truth About Smoking And Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Smoking

You might be thinking how someone can relate hypnosis and smoking. Let me tell you, there is a great relationship between the two. Hypnosis can help a chain smoker to quit smoking. In fact, these days Hypnotism has become a profession unlike in early days when it was merely used for trick shows. The professional hypnotist helps people to quit diverse habits and stress through hypnosis. Smoking is one of them.

To know how hypnosis and smoking are interconnected it is very important that we understand what hypnosis is.

A method that helps a person to get concentrated relaxation is hypnosis. When a person undergoes hypnosis, he relaxes his body as well as mind and, then his subconscious mind is targeted. A subconscious mind is like a sponge that can absorb whatever is inputted. It is the negativity in the subconscious mind that doesn’t let a person quit various habits like smoking. Through hypnosis a person’s subconscious mind is subjected to the decreed idea of the quitting a habit or getting into good habit. Hypnotists by and large targets the subconscious mind because our conscious mind has the capability to mold, edit and judge the thoughts, so the mind might not ingest the theory to quit.

We can say that Hypnosis is the key that will help a person to remove the barriers that are present in the conscious or judgmental mind of the human being. This theory helps a person to use hypnosis and smoking as an interrelation.

The success rate for people using hypnosis to quit smoking is very high. In fact, it is double that of the quit smoking aids like nicotine patchs or nicotine gum. However, you can use hypnosis with other programs as well. The best part of the hypnosis program is that it not only helps you to quit smoking, it helps you to destress yourself and change your lookout towards smoking. Hypnosis can help a person to deal with the psychological as well as emotional aspects of quitting smoking.

People using hypnosis to quit smoking can use it in two ways:

  1. Self hypnosis: in this a person relaxes himself and uses hypnosis audio or video CDs to help themselves to quit smoking.
  2. Sessions with a hypnotherapist: in this a smoker fixes a meeting with a certified hypnotist and he/she gives a number of sessions to help them to quit smoking. Hypnotists are well trained and get expertise before they enter into this profession. They help you to relax your body and use some images or sounds to guide you to quit smoking. Most of the hypnotist takes one session for smoking cessation. However, there can be few follow up sessions to see the results.


There are various audio and video hypnosis programs available in market. You can download these CDs from the internet as well. You will find that most hypnotists give CDs after the first session so that you can use them in your convenient time. However, if it is not provided by the therapist, you can always buy them as they  are a very low cost. plainly it will be cheaper than the medical bills that you will have to pay if you don’t stop smoking.

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