Five Steps To Successfully Terminate Smoking

Developing the habit of smoking is easy but leaving it is a difficult task. Pleasurable, yet harmful, cigarettes affect every part of the body especially the respiratory system, the cardiac-vascular system and the nerves. The difficult part on quitting smoking is the withdrawal symptoms which affect the physique of the person. It becomes a very uncomfortable time for the affected individual as the urge of nicotine is a great challenge to overcome.

With all the bad effects of smoking, do yourself a favor and stop being a nicotine slave now. Here are the 5 easy steps to quit smoking:

1. Decide. Are you serious to go into the challenge for a smoke free life? You need to make a decision. Figure out the reason why you want quit. Don’t just say you are going to quit but not really deciding on it for it will only make the matter worse.

2. Commit. A stop-smoking plan needs commitment. No decision would ever succeed if you are not committed to do it. Be determined.

3. Choose. There are a number of ways nowadays that will help you quit smoking. From the classic quit smoking programs, there are now a number of products in the market that can help get away from tobacco. The electronic cigarette is the latest, most popular and effective way to gradually quit smoking. As quitting smoking is never easy, the electronic cigarette or safe cigarette comes in solutions with different nicotine levels ranging from heavy to none. It is a gradual and gentle way to finally quit smoking.

4. Avoid. Coffee and alcohol tend to stimulate your desire for cigarettes. Hence, you need to avoid them at all cost. Stay away from bars, as well as friends who are smokers for if they will not offer you the stick, you will get all the second-hand smoke. Similarly, foods rich in sugar force you to opt for cigarette. So check your diet. Foods that are low on calorie and high on fiber content are recommended.

5. Reward. If you’ve finally gave up smoking, you absolutely deserve a reward. It was such a big challenge so indulge yourself with something – not one last stick of course! Having to quit smoking is already a big reward.

Nicotine urge and withdrawal symptoms will always be present once you decide to quit smoking. But you are going overcome it as long as you are committed and you’ve made the right choice of a way to quit smoking. Choices come in drastic ways and having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms or gradual ways like the electronic cigarette. Avoid smoking temptations as well, like bars and friends who smoke (not in an offensive way). Millions of smokers have successfully quit smoking through the use of the best electric cigarette and are now happy about it. You can do it as well. You just need to be strong.


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