What Is Manic Depression?

Manic Depression is another name for Bi-Polar.  This is associated with unusual and quick switches from a good mood to a sour mood, when someone says “wow, they’re bi-polar”.  Depression has many forms.  This is one of them.  Manic depression isn’t just having negative feelings over a negative event.  Manic depression is a much more serious condition.  The diagnosis of being Bi-Polar is just another stage of the disease of depression.  Millions of people in the United States are diagnosed with Manic Depression every year.  Typically, some type of depression yearly affects around 17 million Americans. 

Two thirds of those people will never seek medical attention or even a diagnosis.  Nothing can be cured if the victim doesn’t go for help.  Many Americans are hesitant to confront a disease that is categorized as a mental illness.  Being crazy isn’t something people want associated with themselves.  Diseases that affect the brain have always been very complicated.  The stigma of a diagnosis is a hard pill to swallow.  But having this disease isn’t a sign of personal weakness.  It doesn’t mean you’re insane.  This is a disease like any other.  It can be treated.  First it has to be identified. 

The causes of all forms of depression are still being examined in the medical profession.  It has been shown that depression can be brought on by many possibilities.  Doctors take into consideration many things such as biological factors, the environment, and DNA.  It’s well known that a chemical imbalance can contribute.  We also know that stress can play a major role in the advent of depression.  Daily life brings stress, period.  It can be problems at work, in our relationships with those we love or facing the reality of trying to survive week to week.  Depression does not play favorites.  It’s a disease for rich people and for poor people.  It is not racist.  Color or nationality provide no protection from this illness.

All the types of depression have similar symptoms.  The frequent change in personality, the mood swings that go up and then goes down.  The advent of sleeplessness is another sign of depression.  If you have no hope, feel helpless or desperate, that could be depression.  Depression is real when it interferes with your ability to live your life.  But the depression afflicted have hope.  Help is available.  Doctors can administer drugs or herbal remedies to treat it.  There are also medical professionals that can help your illness through ‘talk therapy’”.  Support groups can be of assistance with manic depression.  There can’t be a cure until help is sought.


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