Two Ways to Make Money Online

I will write about two ways to make money online that in my opinion are the best and the most proven. The Internet is full of scams and get rich quick schemes that are just a waste of time, but these three methods I will write about are legitimate ways to make money with no investment but be warned they require patience and work involved. 

Blogging for money has become a popular thing to do in the past few years. In the past blogging was just a way to communicate thoughts and ideas over the Internet, but in the last few years blogging has dramatically changed where you can find most blogs aimed at making money. The problem is that all these blogs have saturated the market to the point where you can’t find reliable blogs anymore. I know I will talk about blogging and making money but I will tell you that there has to be a plan and a goal for making money when blogging, especially when there is no investment required. 

First you need to start blogging with the mindset of building a readership base and not with the mindset of making money or you will be deeply disappointed when there is no money coming in. Blogging needs to be started with an old fashioned idea of informing the public or expressing ideas; this is the most trusted way that readers will stick to your blog and be a loyal reader. 

Once you establish a readership base then you can monetize your blog with different methods but not to the point where you change your blog completely or you will lose your readers. You may add Google adsense to your blog and make money when readers click your ads. Google adsense really works if you place the ads in a way that show up as another option to the reader rather than a blatant attempt to make money.

 Google adsense is the money making method I trust the most. The reason being is Google which is one of the most stable companies in the world with a reputation and you just know it is not a scam. Sign up with Google adsense and get ads for your blogs which will show up within your content, and once readers click on these ads you get paid depending on how popular the ads are you may make from a few cents per click to a couple of dollars. The more readers clicking the ads the more money you will make, simple math. The more popular your blog the more money you make. Again I want to stress to make sure the ads blend in with the content to make sure readers are not driven away.

 Blogging and Google adsense are two ways that you can make money without investing. It does require patience and time, but as long as you keep consistency and discipline you will see results in the end.