Popular SEO Plug-ins of WordPress

To have a delightful blogging experience, you must understand the importance of plug-ins on WordPress in bringing the desired web traffic to your site. You want to see your site performing really well and gaining high search engine rankings. All this is possible in case you know which plug-ins to use when you blog on WordPress.

WordPress has a great set of SEO plug-ins using which you can optimize your blog in such a way that you get the desired results on the Web. Let’s have a glance at some of the popular SEO plug-in on WordPress:

All-in-One SEO Pack: This is, in fact, the best plug-in, which is streamlined for best SEO results. It eases out modifying key elements such as page description, titles, headers, tags, keywords etc. You can customize these META tags at the time of posting blog. In case you have some bigger professional reasons, you can easily integrate with e-commerce sites on WordPress

Its features include Fine tune Page Navigational Links, Nonce Security, generation of META Tags automatically, backward compatibility with many other plugins like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior etc.

Google XML Sitemaps: This plug-in creates Google sitemap.xml file for your WordPress blog. It gives you a fair idea which pages you need to include—WordPress-generated pages as well as the optimized ones. Whenever you post any blog or edit the same, the site map gets updated and all the major search engines get notified about the status. This facilitates easily indexing of your website by Google and other search engines.

WP Auto Tagger: This is an advanced plug-n that is used for search engine optimization purposes. It makes the task of posting, editing and tagging the blog post quite easy. It makes use of Yahoo API for suggesting tags in addition the posting of your blog. It, however, won’t replace your current tags. This gives a tremendous boost to your search engine results.

SEO Smart Links: This plug-in can you link your keywords that you’ve listed in your blog post or comments with the URLs of relevant blog posts, comments and categories etc. This can save you from the extremely cumbersome and time-consuming task of linking your blog posts. It also facilitates you to specify varied keywords per URL by segregating the keywords with the help of commas. It also allows you to integrate internal links in your blog as per your wish.

Akismet: This plug-in screens the comments received on your blog post and filter out the spam comments and spam trackbacks through its spam detecting server. This plug-in picks the spam comments and stores them in its database for a period of 15 days and then automatically deletes all of them.

With this information on useful, popular SEO plug-ins on WordPress, you are all set to take their advantage by installing them on your blog site. There are some good web hosting providers such as LimeDomains, HostGator, BlueHost etc. that support WordPress hosting and their installation processes are also quite easy.