Breast Augmentation-How Long Will It Last?

You will likely enjoy the benefits of your breast implants many years after your surgery. At some point, however, a majority of these breast implants do need to be replaced.

Juan Brou, M.D., an Oklahoma City board-certified plastic surgeon   and owner of The Medical Spa by Dr. Juan Brou, said the most common problem is breast implant hardness , when the implants become too firm, which can distort their shape. Rips and tears can happen in both saline and silicone breast , although the problem is more common with saline implants. Saline implants also can show rippling beneath the skin over time. in addition , the natural course of aging and gravity can affect implants shape and appearance .

With the reintroduction of silicone implants for breast augmentation in the U.S. several years ago, many women are also choosing better-design silicone implants to replace their saline implants .

“We’re on the third generation of breast implants now,” Dr. Brou said. “Silicone implants, in particular, have been studied for decades. They’re better engineered now, they feel better, and patients are happier with the results.”

After undergoing breast augmentation , Brou recommends that you stay in touch with your cosmetic surgeon , who can educate you about any imaginable problems. Sometimes it is very difficult, he said, to tell if a breast implant has ruptured, which is why he recommends an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exam if a rupture is suspected. Your implants can continue looking great for years with regular implant maintenance.

Dr. Brou recommends having your breast implants checked if you have had them for more than 15 years . The longer they are in place, the more likely it is for problems to develop.

“Many women suffer needlessly because they don’t realize that their implants can be fixed or removed,” he said. “There are better implants on the market now that will give them better results.”

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