Loss of Memory And Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that is critical for many bodily functions.  It allows your body change food directly into energy and additionally helps form red blood cells.  It also serves to keep your red blood cells healthy and maintain your body’s defense mechanisms in top condition.

Vitamin B12 is used medically to treat pernicious anemia, which is caused from a B12 deficiency.  This severe and degenerative disease can cause forgetfulness, an inability to concentrate and also will cause intensifying nerve damage.

While not everyone agrees, recently there has been a growing trend to use a b12 shot to help with other conditions.  In fact, vitamin b12 is being used for everything from weight loss to Alzheimer’s.  While not all areas that b12 has been used have solid science backing them, one area that does show promise is using b12 shots to help prevent memory loss.

In one study that was completed in 2008 at the University of Oxford, the B12 levels of older individuals were examined for five years..  It was shown that those who had low levels of vitamin b12 where more than six times as likely to develop brain shrinkage during that five year time.  Since brain shrinkage is a known indicator that elderly individuals will later develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and memory loss, it stands to reason that taking a b-12 shot can help prevent memory loss.

Another study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine indicated that B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage leading to memory loss in up to 50% of those who are over 60.  While only 2% of those who are over 60 actually have low levels of B12 in there bodies, it would appear that even a minor deficiency can be enough to cause trouble.   Even having just a minor b12 deficiency is enough to cause health issues!

While not all doctors agree on the benefits of taking b12 shots, most all do agree that there is no harm in supplementing with additional b12.  Because our ability to absorb B12 diminishes as we get older due to digestive issues and the reduction in intrinsic factor production, it seems to be wise for those who are over 60 to consider supplementing with vitamin B12.  Since Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss appear to be somewhat hereditary, this is especially true for those who are predisposed to these conditions.  Why not try supplementing with vitamin B12 today?

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