Life, Death And Panic Attacks

The fear of panic attacks tends to worsen a person’s situation. There usually isn’t a great deal of warning before a panic atack happens.

Unable to breathe properly, you unexpectedly begin to hyperventilate. It’s like your lungs are collapsing and your heart is racing.

You experience an amalgamation of sweaty palms and a racing pulse.  Apprehension envelopes you and your body functions turn irregular.

You find yourself virtually motionless. Panic attack symptoms do not get any more classic then when you deal with panic attacks and see these symptoms.

Nausea, coupled with dizziness and distortion of perception are some other symptoms.  A deep-seated fear grips you along with all these, rendering you irresolute with thoughtless inactivity.

Apparently uncalled-for, a panic attack can also be very unexpected. A victim will probably feel like he is about to die whenever he experiences it the first time.

The ten minutes a panic attack may last bring repeated waves of fear upon the sufferer. The anguish of more than a few such attacks frequently will have to be put down as a panic disorder.

It can be cured, but the patient will have to be meticulous with their medication.  Early on, patients are often ordered on diazepam and lorazepam, or similar medications.

Other patients will probably have antidepressants on their prescription.

But of course, panic attacks can be cured.

Lastly, it should be noted that anxiety panic attacks are not psychological in nature, but are often as a result of circumstances the victim has no control over.

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