What Does Drug Rehabilitation Achieve?

Rehabilitation is a structured programme of treatment and support delivered to patients in a residential, group, community based or individual environment. Much how an athlete is given rehab to aid recovery from injury, patients in centres in Birmingham are taught how to analyse their addiction through behavioural therapy that heals the emotional scars addiction causes.

There are any methods of rehab in use, but the most successful programmes take elements of each and tailor them to the individual patient. There are four main therapeutic structures in treating addiction; therapeutic communities, where patients are treated in groups, with as much support coming from fellow patients as staff. The famous 12 step or Minnesota model, general house programmes and Christian house programmes.

Programmes are personalised as no two patients experience an identical combination of withdrawal. The first phase rids the body of substances and assess the emotional and physical state of the patient through medical examination. Once this is established, professionals at the clinic built a programme around the individual’s personality and personal goals.

Using any combination of cognitive and medical remedies, the patient is coached to regain normal brain function, reduce cravings and prevent relapse. Once the body has begun to re-adjust, a number of behavioural techniques are introduced to help break the habits that sustain the addiction. Behavioural therapy is also used to introduce healthy substitutes and can extend to families or take the form of motivational incentives.

Treatment teaches patients how to live without drugs and provides the support and motivation to see where changes need to be made. It is not a course and cannot be delivered to a deadline; rehab in Birmingham takes a person’s demons and cravings and re-programmes how they are dealt with to support the patient in their new, clean life.

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