How To Help Childhood Anxiety

Childhood should be a time of joy, exploration, learning and laughter. The cares of adulthood are in the future and every day brings a chance to have a new adventure. However, too many children suffer from severe anxiety. I wrote this article to make some suggestions on how to help a child with anxiety.

Many times a parent recognizes a specific situation, such as starting school or going away to camp, that is the cause of anxiety. Often times a parent needs to do nothing more than reassure the child that things will be okay and point out the positive aspects of whatever the cause for concern is. You can explain that it’s normal to have some feelings of anxiety when things change, but that doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t make the change.

It also helps to protect a child from disturbing or anxiety provoking images, movies, TV programs, news reports and so on. I think we aren’t careful enough as a society as to what we allow children to see. Children need a certain degree of maturity before they can process adult themes appropriately. Letting them see material they can’t process appropriately sets the scene for severe anxiety.

Diet has more of an effect on a child’s psychology than many people realize. Too much highly processed food and sweets negatively affect not only their health but their mindset. Some kids also get way too much caffeine (usually from soft drinks). Sometimes cleaning up the diet and cutting out caffeine is all it takes to eliminate childhood anxiety.

Beyond these ideas, you can help a child with anxiety by learning more about the issue, discovering how kids process anxiety, and developing the skills you need to coach them in developing a healthy, balanced approach to life.

A wonderful program to help children overcome anxiety is Anxiety Free Child. I highly recommend that any parent whose child is suffering with excessive anxiety check it out. Imagine how great it will be to see your child happy again.

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Rest assuredthat you’re not the first parent whose child has struggled with anxiety. It is possible to help them overcome

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