Causes of Heart Attacks – Being a Bit Overweight Can Help You Live Longer – Smoking Alternative

Causes of Heart Attacks – I have always been a bit overweight and was comforted by a new report that suggests that carrying just a few extra pounds may increase my life expectancy.

They have completed the most extensive and comprehensive research to date and analysis of the results of their research used the very latest technology in statistical analysis. Their conclusions have confirmed the results of those found recently in other much smaller surveys.

These showed that people who are a little bit overweight have a better life expectancy than those who are considered to be normal weight. Also those people who are under-weight carry a risk of a shorter than normal life expectancy.

Being overweight has always been listed as one of the Causes of Heart Attacks . But now it seems as if we can all get away with being just a few pounds over what was originally agreed as the Healthy Weight.

Analysing these new results has come up with some surprising findings. The biggest causes of deaths in America is still smoking alternative but being over-weight used to be the second biggest killer. Now, being over-weight has moved down the list from number 2 to number 7.

It is thought that this is due to more public awareness on diet and lifestyle. More people are looking at their food intake and deciding to eat healthier foods, take measures to keep their cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check, and increase their exercise and energy levels.

Commentators on this new report suggest that maybe the medical community and the government need to review the levels that were originally defined as normal and raise them in line with this new research.

This research only applies to people who are just a bit over-weight. For the people who are considered to be very or morbidly obese then the same old rules apply and this is still one of the major Causes of Heart Attacks .

Sue Roberts

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