Naturally Treat High Blood Pressure- Treat Hypertension, Shed Weight And Increase Sex Drive

It seems like the later I stay up at night, the more educational the television shows become. Recently I found a show called “The Truth about Food’ on the Discovery Channel. I immediately kept flipping but later returned to the show after feeling a little guilty from a late night snack. It turned out, I learned more about natural health in the next 20 minutes then I did in the last week! Specifically, I learned how important food is to our health and high blood pressure! Duh!

Did you know that food can naturally treat high blood pressure (also called hypertension), shed those extra pounds and increase your sex drive?

So I ask you… Can you picture not having to worry about high blood pressure? Can you imagine being excited to go to bed early once again? Can you imagine the reward of a new wardrobe after shedding 20+ pounds?

Quit dreaming! Because doing all of these might be simpler than you think!

What I learned about Naturally Treating High Blood Pressure

I love creative shows! In fact, the Discovery show, ‘The Truth about Food’ was creative and educational! The premise of the show is hypertension participants spend about 2 weeks in a zoo and are challenged to eat like an ate. Literally, the high blood pressure sufferers could only eat the foods a chimp could eat. Their two week diet consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can imagine how many bathroom visits there were with the high water-soluble produce. In fact, the constant ‘toilet time’ was remarkably humorous. I actually woke up my youngest boy.

But you would never imagine what happened after 2 weeks? All hypertension contestants reduced high blood pressure substantially, reduced cholesterol levels and lost weight (some 15+ pounds). And finally, you would never imagine the gained confidence and smiles on everyone’s thinner face!

By increasing your water-soluble fiber, high blood pressure contestants showed the following:

High blood pressure numbers dropped a whopping 10%.

Cholesterol levels plummeted an astonishing 25%.

Participants lost an average of 10 pounds in two weeks.

Why Every Second Counts with HBP!

Why is hypertension concerning? According to the American Heart Association (AHA), almost 70 million Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. If you do the math, that is about 1 in 3 adults in the United States. Unfortunately, about only 63% of those high blood pressure sufferers are aware of it. In other words, 37% are walking time-bombs of high blood pressure. It is no wonder that high blood pressure is now the #1 killer! In fact, almost 60,000 Americans die each year because of complications of high blood pressure. Could you be next?

High Blood Pressure Medication… Is it worth it?

As you can also imagine! High blood pressure prescription medication is a multi-billion dollar industry. Whenever you are dealing with a life and death situation, you are going to have prescription companies involved. The problem is most prescription medications have serious side-effects and cost hundreds per month. Don’t believe me?

Have you heard about the new side-effect with male impotence medication, Viagra? Vision loss and complete blindness!

And the same goes for high blood pressure medication? Diuretics, Beta Blockers, Alpha Blockers and Vasodilators all have side-effects that can be seriously damaging to your health and sometimes deadly.

Can You Naturally Treat High Blood Pressure without Medication?

After watching my new favorite show, I immediately re-read Barton Publishing’s High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy Report and was re-convinced that everyone can naturally treat high blood pressure with about 5 simple steps! I wondered, how many points would the participants have dropped if they supplemented their high fiber diet (raw fruits and vegetables) with the correct vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Unfortunately, most people do NOT realize this and are becoming completely reliant upon over-priced, side-effect laden pills that run on the same concept as a piece of fruit, natural vitamins and minerals!

Do you want to know what natural vitamins and minerals will lower High Blood Pressure in days?

Do you want to know what foods are essential? What foods should be tossed?

And finally, do you want to know how we can guarantee that you will lower your high blood pressure naturally? Consider treating your HBP, increasing your sex drive, and losing weight this week! Please take a moment and visit our website and our guarantee!

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Naturally Treat High Blood Pressure