Information About High Blood Pressure


A survey concludes that out of every 3 people of United States adults have high blood pressure. High blood Pressure (BP) has no particular symptoms and thus it results that most of the people even don’t know that they are having High BP. High blood pressure increases your chance of getting heart disease and kidney disease also heart stroke.

This condition is especially dangerous because it often has no warning signs or symptoms. Sometimes race, age, or gender, anyone can develop high blood pressure. Once high blood pressure develops, it usually lasts a lifetime. You can prevent and control high blood pressure by taking action quickly.

Risk factors

High blood pressure has another name and this is a ‘silent killer’ as this condition kills a person very quietly many a time without even knowing it. If you are having high BP along with daily habits of eating too much salt, smoking, drinking and not doing exercises can prove risky. Some medical conditions are sometime responsible for high blood pressure. Kidney disease, renal artery narrowing, sleeping apnea and Cushing’s disease can be responsible for producing high blood pressure.


Most of the people don’t visit their doctor until they receive symptoms of any disease. Regular medical checkup can prove helpful in that specific condition but the damage of organ seen in the person who is caused by high blood pressure. Heart attack, heart failure, kidney infection, and loss of vision and eye damage can be seen in the patients of high BP.

Treatment of high BP

If you are caused by high blood pressure you must seek these treatments, as they can prove helpful in providing relief to the patient. Many people have lowered their blood pressure by changing the lifestyle and the conditions may be weight loss, doing more exercises, but you can get relief by taking medication to keep blood pressure controlled.

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