Meditation Techniques By Meditation Mania

Meditation techniques give peace and calmness in a spiritual way. It enlightens the human life. Meditation techniques nurtures and transforms the qualities of an individual by relieving him from stress of daily life. Meditation technique changes the negative thoughts into positive and it is done just by focusing within a one’s self and not outside.

Here are some popular forms of Meditation Techniques –

Concentrative Meditation Technique is performed by focusing the attention on an image, a sound (mantra chanting) or on the breath. Concentrative Meditation technique stills the mind and results in a better clarity and awareness. Concentrative meditation technique can be done simply by focusing on the breath; it is a very basic step. It is believed that there is a direct connection between the state of mind and the breath. When an individual gets agitated, frightened, and anxious or distracted, the breath shallows. But, when the mind is focused and calm, then the breath is deep, regular and slow. If an individual focuses on the rhythm of the process of breath intake and out, it gives an object for meditation. When the breath is focused, the mind gets absorbed in the process of breath intake and out. In result, the breathing becomes deep and slow. It makes the mind more alert.

Zen Meditation – Zen Meditation technique is performed by focusing the attention on the feelings and sensations, sounds, thoughts, images and so forth without thinking about these elements. While meditating, there should be no thinking about the worries, images, thoughts, and memories. Zen meditation technique results in a better state of mind that is clear, calm and non-reactive. Zen meditation technique is done by observing sensations and breathes non-judgmentally and very keenly. Zen meditation technique gradually takes an individual to emptiness & stillness, but it takes some time to master this technique. Zen Meditation technique is the easiest and most effective technique.

Japa Meditation – Japa Meditation technique is mainly performed for easing the tensed and stressed life. Japa Meditation results in a peaceful and calm life. Also it evokes the happiness from within an individual’s self. Japa meditation technique involves the God’s name. The mantra chanting can be done softly or an individual may chant the mantra loudly. While sitting in a posture of meditation, the Japa meditation technique can be done in addition ot the worship in group or any other peaceful sitting activities.

Mostly, the Japa Meditation technique is performed counting a bead string that is known as Japa Mala. The Vaishnava devotees mostly chant by using a bead string that is made of Holy Basil (Tulsi). There are 108 beads in a Japa Mala. People also wear the Japa Beads around the neck while some wear them on their wrists.

Chakra Meditation – There are energy focal points in our body that are use by us in a conscious or unconscious state if mind. These energy focal points are called Chakras. The focal points are located in the body parts like head or heart. In the Chaka meditation technique, the different postures are used in order to open the Chakras. The hands are placed in a specific position and the body is relaxed, the eyes are closed; the charka is asked to open. Then it is visualized in the mind that the chakra color emanates and the size of the charka becomes larger. As the color becomes brighter, the color’s warmth is easily felt; also the charka emotions are felt. The body organs are felt filled with light and energy.

Bhuta Shuddi is a form of Chakra Meditation of Yoga and Tantra practice through which the five elements (bhutas) are balanced or purified (shuddhi). Bhuta refers to the past, and shuddhi refers to purifying that past, or the samskaras that operate in conjunction with the five elements. This is a very useful practice, whether you think of it as preparation for kundalini awakening, or simply as a practice for feeling balanced, centered, or tranquil, etc. (One of the two foundations of Yoga is Abhyasa, practices seeking of tranquility; Yoga Sutras 1.12-1.14).

For the Chakra Meditation of Bhuta Shuddhi, it is necessary to understand how the five elements relate to the chakras. The five bhutas are the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, and they operate in conjunction with the lower five chakras (at subtle level they are called tanmatras, which are part of tattvas, or subtle constituents). The sixth chakra is of mind, and is beyond or prior to the bursting forth of space, air, fire, water, and finally earth. Consciousness itself (or whatever you want to call it) is prior to, or the source of manifestation of mind, and is the seventh chakra (surely there are other chakras, including between sixth and seventh, but the bhuta shuddhi practice itself need not focus directly on these).

Transcendental Meditation or yoga nidra (popularized by the Bihar School of Yoga), which owe its origin to ancient Hindu meditative techniques, aim towards a totally detached frame of mind. These forms encourage the practitioner to retreat within the inner-self, into the “real” world, away from the “illusions” (maya) of outside influences. Meditative practices like Mantra yoga, for example, induces the mind to concentrate on a sacred sound by ritualistic chanting, until it attains the trance-like state of samadhi (a state of mind, where it is only responsive to subjective impressions).

Healing Meditation – Healing meditation is practiced after sitting comfortably. It is a belief that the body is filling with light slowly, starting from the feet and then slowly moving upwards. As the light moves up the body, the light is felt like is relaxing the muscles and also the mind. I feel the light moving upwards until my entire body is filled with light and every muscle of my body is feeling relaxed.

Healing meditation calms the mind and gives it a balance state. Healing meditation increases the self esteem and confidence in a person. Healing meditation improve the memory and concentration of the mind. It reduces the tension quickly. It improves the attitude, mood and outlook on life. Healing meditation increases an individual’s problem solving ability.

It is felt like the body of light is radiating the light out from the eyes, the light is shining like a torch is shinning out directly from the eyes. Feel that the soul is directing the light towards the body part that causes discomfort and pain, it represents as a shadow on the body. Imagine like the painful body areas have dark shadows around them. Now feel like you are attracting a healing light to the painful body area, so that the darkness is vanished.

You can feel that this healing light is returning you to health and vitality