Parents Must Always Be On A Look Out For Teen Drug Abuse

For most of us, it is quite daunting to think about teenage drug addiction. The statistics reveal that majority of teenagers have been involved in at least some type of drug use even prior to their high school education. The younger the child is when they begin testing and experimenting with drugs, the higher the chance is that they become addicted and end up in some type of drug rehab facility.

Parents should be the front line in any move to combat drug addiction among teens and they can do so much to prevent their teen’s involvement in any type of harmful drug. But this does not happen in most of the cases. Parents are considered to be the most important people in a child’s life and they look up to them as role models. If parents abuse drugs, teens are likely to abuse drugs, too. If they become irresponsible there is a great probability that their teen will be like them also.

The teenage years are inclined to be a period of great emotional turmoil as it is the transition from childhood to adulthood. As they undergo this crucial stage in their lives, a lot of issues such as peer pressure, search for identity, romantic and family relationships as well as school performance beset them. It becomes a common option for teenagers to resort to drug abuse to get rid of such issues. Teen drug abuse has actually become a prevalent phenomenon. Statistics reveal that majority of deaths in individuals in the 15-24 age bracket are attributed to alcohol or drug abuse. Likewise, criminal acts committed by teens can be accounted for by teen drug abuse as well.

Parents should be on the lookout for physical signs like red eyes, nagging cough, irregularities in eating and sleeping habits. They should be suspicious when their teens start to have a change in their behavior and attitudes.  Deteriorating school performance, becoming irritable and aloof to family members are also warning signs. They tend to suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, chronic bronchitis and chest colds, paranoia, hypothermia, muscle tension and many more. Teen drug abuse can ruin personal and family relations and can be a harrowing problem to parents.

It is essential that drug abuse by a teenager be prevented by providing emotional security, guidance and education by the family. It is also wise to seek advice and assistance from professionals who are equipped with the needed expertise to provide guidance counsel and treatment to your teen.


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