Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure- Lower Hbp, Increase Sex Drive, And Lose Weight

Isn’t there some cliché that states, “All good things come in threes’? I never really thought of this until one late-night channel surf brought me to a show called ‘The Truth about Food’ on the Discovery Channel. The six part series discusses how food can help improve your overall health. And more specifically, how food can naturally lower high blood pressure, increase your sex drive and help you lose weight!

Imagine not having to worry about hypertension anymore. Imagine going to bed feeling about 20 years younger. Imagine taking a few extra seconds to check yourself out in front of the mirror.

Stop imagining and listen to this!

How Your Diet is EVERYTHING!

Whoever coined the phrase, “You are what you eat”? I have always thought this phrase was kind of corny but I might have to reconsider. Let me explain!

As I watched the show ‘The Truth about Food’, I began to feel a little guilty about my diet! After all, I have devoted my career to the natural health field so you would expect that I would have great health! And I do! But, I have never truly grasped how much your diet does affect your general health; until I met the high blood pressure television participants.

On the show ‘The Truth about Food’, the hypertension participants spent about 2 weeks at a zoo and were challenged to eat like an ape. As you can imagine, the only foods allowed to each participant were fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (ape food). Besides being regular (the comic relief of the show), the contestants also reduced high blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, lost weight and transformed their self-image of themselves.

The high-fiber study showed:

High blood pressure levels dropped a whopping 10%.

Cholesterol levels plummeted an astonishing 25%.

Participants lost an average of 10 pounds in two weeks.

But What About You?

I immediately re-read my High Blood Pressure Remedy Report and was re-convinced that everyone can naturally lower high blood pressure with about 5 simple steps! I questioned, how many points would the participants have dropped if they supplemented their high fiber diet (raw fruits and vegetables) with the correct vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Unfortunately, most people do NOT realize this and are becoming completely reliant upon over-priced, side-effect laden pills that run on the same concept as a piece of fruit!

Do you want to know what natural vitamins and minerals will lower High Blood Pressure in days?

Do you want to know why you should go nuts for nuts?

Do you want to know why you should know the truth about salt?

Do you want to know what foods are essential? What foods should be tossed?

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Joe Barton writes for Barton Publishing Inc., a natural health company educating people on safe, affordable natural remedies. To discover how to naturally lower your blood pressure in weeks Guaranteed!
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