Skin Care Products Sensitive – 3 Hazardous Components Which Must Be Noted

There are many sensitive skin care products being advertised today, but not all are as sensitive as they would like you to believe. If you have truly sensitive skin and are tired of going through product after product in attempt to find one that really delivers results while protecting your skin, consider the following four ingredients which you should avoid at all costs.


You may not see the word “paraben” actually listed right on the bottle, but many  skin products do contain this dangerous variety of preservatives. Manufacturers use them because they are cheap additives that make their products viable on the shelf for longer periods of time. For them, it is a money saver because it takes up room in the product and allows them to keep their products on a outdoor store shelf for months if not years at a time without worrying that it will go bad before someone purchases it.

For you, the consumer with sensitive skin, parabens are bad news. They are actually bad for any skin type as they have been linked to breast cancer and possibly other negative health conditions. While the research has not proven this link and manufacturers deny it, it is best for consumers to stay clear of these chemicals.

To actually identify parabens on a  skin care product label, look for long complicated words that end in “paraben” but start with other letters. For instance, one commonly used paraben is named methylparaben.


Fragrances can irritate  skin and should never be used in sensitive skin care products. There are a few natural fragrances that may be used safely with some consumers, but if you have very sensitive skin try to find  skin products which say they are fragrance free on the label.

If you are not sure about fragrances in a  skin care product, take a sniff and see what it smells like. If there is a strong sweet scent it is likely to contain some variety of fragrance.


There are many different types of chemicals that are used in skin care products today, and many of them have been linked to cancer causing agents. Look out for these since they can be dangerous for everyone, but also tend to make the product harsher on the skin which is a danger for sensitive skin.

For instance, never buy a skin care product that includes any form of mineral oil, triclosan, phenol carbolic acid, or padimate-O (octyl dimethyl).

Never assume that sensitive skin products are really sensitive just because the label says “sensitive skin.” You have to read up on the dangerous chemicals and allergens currently being used and make sure they are not included.

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