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From medical doctors the chief objection about alternative medicine ( ) is that it is “not proven.” By this statement it is meant that alternative medicine has not been meticulously tested like the pharmaceutical drugs have been.

According to Western medical doctor a meticulous test means that the medicine should go through one or preferably more irregular double blind clinical trials. This testing process is known as the gold standard of Western medicine.

This whole process is pretty expensive plus includes highly qualified researchers, an authentic research methodology, a couple of patients to test, plus a long period of time to observe results. Well the doctors are not right in saying this. Because alternative medicine has gone through rigorous testing several times and in multiple ways.

Exactly, that what I am talking about? Chiropractic adjustments are being tested. Then massage has been tested. Acupuncture. Yoga. Reiki. Reflexology. Herbs. Vitamin therapy. You name any alternative therapy; they all are being tested, and that to may be a lot of times.

I am wondering how you guys haven’t heard such results. Let me tell without any favoritism, that there is not even a single corporation that takes such published studies into account or benefit from it; it’s only left to the general public usually to read medical journals when they are formerly published. There are few astonishing example I would like to share with you.

Clinical and Laboratory Research in August 2003, this was actually a study published in the medical journal Multiple Sclerosis that few researchers estimated the effects of reflexology on reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

They figured out unbelievable results. Reflexology lessen the patients symptoms with paresthesias (burning, prickling, itching, tingling), urinary symptoms and spasticity (uncontrollable spasms). And this was contrasted to a control group that received a form of fake reflexology.

Similar to this another study shows that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in July 2002, that aromatherapy is quite helpful to patients suffering from acute dementia. The effects of this therapy made them less restless plus more inclined towards the social interaction and participating in constructive activities.

And both of these studies were done by the standard of “gold standard” trials. Which is as mentioned above, randomized double-blind controlled trials? Both of these studies are just two of other hundreds of studies that have been conducted globally several times mostly proving convincingly that alternative medicines work.

We can rely on many kinds of alternative medicine, effective, proven treatments that can help people with a huge diversity of illnesses, conditions and symptoms without causing any unease, side-effects and death that pharmaceutical drugs cause in so many cases.

I think that the mishmash of both alternative medicine usage plus a better approach to health insurance can aid us all live healthier lives and pay much less for healthcare and insurance

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Jacques Bayle hails from Alsace, and belongs to a family of natural healers. Jacques is a true renaissance man, with interests ranging from paragliding, deep sea diving to alternative medicine. He runs a popular informational site on alternative medicine at and frequently participates in forums on the merits of alternative medicine. He can be reached at: .